Weight Loss


I am totally in awe of the power of Instagram marketing and it’s ability to get me to buy stuff I never realised I needed. As a slimming world follower and with most of my Insta friends also loosing weight I get a regular dose of weight loss friendly pictures and with it; if my “friends” are liking it I know that I am going to like it too. I even bookmark pictures so that I can refer back to what I’ve seen when I’m out shopping.
So when the last jar of coffee ran out I decided not to just pop to the supermarket to buy a new one, but have ordered these:


I know they are not a magic solution, and I will not be skinny just by drinking them. But the clever insta marketing and brand ambassadors have me convinced that I need to give them a go.
I did get an email almost immediately after my purchase was confirmed, asking if I wanted to to join the team of ambassadors, but as I had yet to even try them I have not replied (yet!).
I have now taken delivery and had my first coffee and I will say the taste was really nice, a smooth mellow blend.
As luck would have it I have 30 days until a special event, I would seriously love to boost my weight loss and hope this may help.

I will keep you updated…….


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