Weight Loss


I am totally in awe of the power of Instagram marketing and it’s ability to get me to buy stuff I never realised I needed. As a slimming world follower and with most of my Insta friends also loosing weight I get a regular dose of weight loss friendly pictures and with it; if my “friends” are liking it I know that I am going to like it too. I even bookmark pictures so that I can refer back to what I’ve seen when I’m out shopping.
So when the last jar of coffee ran out I decided not to just pop to the supermarket to buy a new one, but have ordered these:


I know they are not a magic solution, and I will not be skinny just by drinking them. But the clever insta marketing and brand ambassadors have me convinced that I need to give them a go.
I did get an email almost immediately after my purchase was confirmed, asking if I wanted to to join the team of ambassadors, but as I had yet to even try them I have not replied (yet!).
I have now taken delivery and had my first coffee and I will say the taste was really nice, a smooth mellow blend.
As luck would have it I have 30 days until a special event, I would seriously love to boost my weight loss and hope this may help.

I will keep you updated…….

Weight Loss

If you sort of do it, it sort of works

Ok so I’ll be the first to admit, I am not 100% on plan for 100% of the time.
I sort of do it.
This is why my weight loss is painfully slow. I know this and am honest with myself that I am on the scenic journey to target and this is why.
However, it may be slow but I am at least moving in the right direction.
At group this week the consultant was trying to explain in monetary terms the savings that can be made by being truly focused and getting to target quickly, thus saving many pounds. It sounded great, but for me I need to balance loosing weight with my family life. I don’t want to be constantly opting out of treats or sitting in the cinema with a water and brought from home carrot sticks!
I try to be good when I can and make better choices, but when I hear the ice cream man you may well see me with a whippy cornet. 😋